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How To Get Your Audi Radio Code

At, we unlock all Audi models online. Using the serial number, we can decode your Audi system online in seconds!

All of our Audi decodes are 100% guaranteed to unlock your system and get your radio back up and running again.

All we need to retrieve your code online is the serial number from your Audi stereo.

Audi Radio Codes

How to get your Audi serial number

All Audi radios must be removed from the dashboard to get the serial number. This is because the serial number is printed on the stereos rear casing.

Audi serial numbers always begin “AUZ”, each is unique to your radio using a generic serial will not unlock your stereo.

An example of an Audi serial is “AUZ1Z2L1234678”.

This is all that is needed to unlock your radio online, the code is sent within 30 minutes.

How to remove an Audi radio

Audi Radio Label

This is very easy to do and require no DIY skills.

All that is needed are radio release keys. These keys press into each corner of the radio.

With pressure applied, this frees the clips of the radio and then is able to be pulled out.

There is no need to remove any wires, just take pictures of all the labels on the radios casing.

It is better to take pictures so that you can ensure the radio does not have to be removed again.

As shown in the image below, the serial number is clearly printed on the white label as “AUZ2Z3A1080205”.

If your radio does not have this, they the serial number could be compressed into the metal casing.

Audi also compress this serial, so if the label becomes damaged for any reason, the serial is always visible.

How to enter the Audi radio code

There are 3 main radio variations for an Audi, which are the symphony, Chorus & the Concert radio.

Each of these radios are similar in how the code is entered into the unit, with some exceptions.

Some Audi radios display with “SAFE” on the screen before allowing the code to be entered. To remove this and begin with the cod entry hold the following buttons:

  • Chorus: FM1 & AM
  • Concert: FM2 & RDS
  • Symphony: P.SCAN & RBDS

Holding these down for up to 10 seconds will clear the SAFE message and display numbers on the screen. From this you can enter your radio code into the system.

Getting the correct code to display is the same process for all the radios.

Use the pre-set buttons 1-4 on the radio to get the radio code to display on the screen.

For example, we will use the code “7402”:

  • Press button number “1” seven times until the 7 shows in the first column.
  • Next move onto button “2” pressing four times till “4” shows.
  • Button “3” will not need to be pressed as it will already be showing a “0”.
  • Next move onto button “4” pressing twice times till “2” shows.

Now that your decode is displayed correctly, it is now time to confirm the code into the radio.

The entry button differs for each radio and are as follows:

  • Chorus: Press FM1 & AM Buttons repeatedly
  • Concert: Press and hold FM2 & RDS
  • Symphony: P.SCAN & RBDS

Your radio will come straight on and begin playing music as soon as the code is entered. For any reason the code does not work, try 1 more time, ensuring the code entered is correct.

Failing this, contact us by email or live chat and we will find the solution to unlocking your radio in minutes for you.

Do not input a code more than 10 times, as after this the radio unit will completely lock, the only way to decode the radio from that point is by going to the local Audi dealership.

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